Safe: Safety always overrides any other aspects of driving Systematic: Advanced drivers use a way of driving called "The System" which is derived from the Police "Roadcraft" system of car control, IPSGA. Smooth: If the driver uses the System of Car Control efficiently then their handling skills can be properly coordinated, along with observation. The drive should also be smooth, as well as safe and systematic. Progressive: Frequently incorrectly translated to mean Speed, this is the ability to make good progress when safe to do so and is an important skill that an advanced driver should possess. Restrained: The ability to recognise when to hold back from particular hazards.
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What the Examiner Expects
Preparing For Your Advanced Driving Test Join your local Advanced Motorists Group! As a member of a local group you will be allocated to ‘your’ Observer, the person who will help develop your new skills. Your Observer will arrange to meet you on a regular basis at mutually convenient times and during these sessions, which last typically up to 2 hours, you can expect to drive about 30 to 40 miles demonstrating your new skills and progressively developing the advanced driving techniques including that of ‘Observation’. You also can expect to participate in question and answer chats and the session usually concludes with a joint review of the skills you have developed. This process usually takes between 6 and 8 drives. However, your Observer will be aiming to have you ready for a pre-assessment drive at around the 5th session. Following a successful pre-assessment drive you can apply to take your Advanced Driving Test
Taking the Advanced Test The Examiner is looking at the whole drive. IAM Examiners do not search for faults alone; they are trained to search for positive aspects as well as negative. The Examiner will be honest and forthright regarding your overall ability and looks for the confident application and competence in all aspects of the drive. If all the above criteria are met, the drive should exhibit the qualities of a safe, systematic, smooth, progressive, and balanced drive. The driver ensures that the vehicle is always in the right place on the road, travelling at the right speed, in the right gear for the speed, and they can always stop the vehicle safely in the distance that can be seen to be clear.

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